Baseline partnered with SmallWorld to create a positive, connected, and measurable Social Fitness App experience to encourage daily activity for club members, trainers, athletes, and communities.

Expanding fitness beyond the four walls

Beyond the steps, miles, heart rate zones and calories, Baseline created a new scoring algorithm that combines all performance indicators into one easy-to-consume number called a Baseline.

Creating communities and teams within fitness clubs that help track progress and risk assessment for users who might cancel their memberships, Baseline provides insights into a member’s fitness journey, and how a club and its trainers can become a positive part of it.

Fast forward to today

SmallWorld continues to work alongside Baseline in strategy and development, giving Baseline the backbone it needs to influence the health & fitness world with its expertise and innovative digital applications to help clubs better understand their members.

Unique User Health Profiles

Users complete a questionnaire designed to zero in on their unique goals and health status.

Health Progress Tracking

With Baseline, users make their health data more accessible and discover how they measure up against their own standards day by day and from week to week.

Fitness teams

Got a sports team, school club, or friend squad? Baseline provides a platform where users or trainers can build teams for accountability.

Challenges & Goals

If competition is your motivator, Baseline lets its users create goals and challenges for personal or team growth.

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