SFC Fluidics

SFC Fluidics strives to be a global leader within the medical industry - focusing on the health monitoring and drug delivery markets, with advanced technological devices to improve healthcare and quality of life for patients.

Next-generation diabetes care

SmallWorld partnered with SFC Fluidics to develop a software-driven medical device: a disposable pump that can administer a variety of injectable drugs. Beginning with its first target market, this cutting-edge device directly injects insulin, controlled by an Android app.

This unique drug delivery system provides cost-efficient and effective treatment to aid those in need of diabetes care, marking SFC Fluidics as a trailblazer in the healthcare industry.

Fast forward to today

Receiving FDA's Breakthrough Device Designation, SFC Fluidics continues its mission to bring safe, affordable treatment to patients. SmallWorld's capabilities enable the company to influence the medical industry in an era of digital transformation.

Bluetooth-Enabled Insulin Delivery

A low-cost, highly-accurate disposable pump that is well-suited to a wide range of injectable drugs.

Comprehensive Bolus & Basal History

View realtime dosage information and manage insulin distribution through HIPPA-compliant data.

Advanced Scheduling for Basal Delivery

Handle basal insulin delivery schedules to hold blood glucose levels steady. Program one or more basal rate settings in your pump.

Set Reservoir, Pod, and Occlusion Alerts

Receive alerts for a low reservoir, pod replacement, or occlusion alarms to indicate when the pump is unable to sustain the set flow rate.

Instant Feedback on Pod Status

Remove any uncertainty for sustainable pod management. Glucagon and temporary basal delivery feedback make it simple.

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