Sport — a brand belonging to a larger Fortune 50 Athletic Lifestyle Company — approached SmallWorld after CEO, Jake Curreri, spoke on a panel regarding digital transformation and consumer-driven well-being at IHRSA, an international fitness conference in San Diego, CA — home of the SmallWorld Headquarters.

Pioneering the Future of Wellness

The mission that Sport entrusted to SmallWorld: guide our current facilities through digital transformation and lead us as pioneers of corporate wellness. Through the partnership, SmallWorld has been invited by Sport to speak on panels with some of the most influential leaders in the fitness industry, representing the Sport brand and their bold vision.

For over two years, SmallWorld has had the honor to discuss, lead, and create with many talented individuals and departments throughout the greater company to build ground-breaking digital tools. Together, Sport and SmallWorld worked to define the future of fitness — crafting products and a brand that evolves the wellness industry.

Advancing Sport Technology

SmallWorld has continued to work in consulting, strategy, and development through projects, globally, for Sport — believing the key to transforming the fitness industry lies within products that cultivate content, community, and connection. The shared passion for health & wellness between Sport and SmallWorld has allowed for world-changing opportunities and conversations within the fitness and tech arenas.

Providing Industry Expertise

Health & fitness is evolving rapidly. We provided insight over the past 5 years to guide a more current and relevant product line for this era and new generations.

Laying the Foundation

Any movement forward must respect the past. We stabilized Sport’s existing operations to provide a firm foundation to improve and grow.

Rapid Prototyping

Speed is innovation. Moving quickly provided the platform for experiments. Launching, learning, and letting go are the 3 pillars to a successful prototype.

Strengthening Culture

Each element of Sport embodies community and connection. Leveraging emerging technology opened a door to new wellness cultures.

Every great venture begins with a conversation.