Our Vision

SmallWorld was founded in 2015 by Jake Curreri in Fayetteville, AR after recognizing a need for transparency, honesty, and quality in development services for small and large companies. We focus on only four clients per year to ensure we are providing the best leadership, quality, and support throughout the entirety of our client partnerships.

Entrepreneurs and businesses — desiring to create something new — have been left in a gap of innovation. They have the passion to pioneer their world forward, yet are lacking in a clear understanding of emerging technology. SmallWorld exists to bridge that gap. Our work has brought authentic disruption through healthcare, startups, fitness, and wellness. We bring leadership to support your cause, digitally.

"When I founded SmallWorld in 2015, I set upon creating a team that was only interested in making disruptive products. Building software is a dynamic process, not a static outcome. Our transparent and select partnerships offer our clients the confidence to grow, value to sell, and the software to scale their work."

Jake Curreri, CEO

Today, SmallWorld is a global technology consulting firm implementing strategies and bringing concepts to life with clients and employees around the world.

San Diego, CA

Fayetteville, AR

Austin, TX

Brisbane, Queensland

London, England

Miami, FL

New York City, NY

Paris, France

Quebec, Canada

San Francisco, CA

Washington, D.C.

Seattle, WA